Best Of New World (FLAC Lossless)

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Best Of New World (FLAC Lossless)

Best Of New World
1141 KBPS Flac Lossless | Sample Rate 44.1 Khz Size 419 Megabytes | Label Repertoire Records Germany
Genre Pop/Folk/1970s | Group: New World | Album Title: Best of New World

New World Best of New World

I will try again to present this group, last attempt was refused, this is in flac format, therefore a bigger download. I have included bit rate and a track list. The download is a split ZIP file created using Powerarchiver version 10.20.02. So I hope you can deal with the split archive. The band, according to the sleeve notes are, Mel Noonan, John Kane and John Lee. The band were formed in Queensland in 1965. They had a top 10 Australian hit with "Try To Remember" in 1968. They set off for the UK. After some minor success on a TV talent show. They were signed to RAK Records in late 1970 by Mickie Most. It was recording songs by the 70s writer duo of Nicky Chin and Mike Chapman they had their most successful run. With hits like Tom Tom Turnaround and a strangely unsuccessful version of Living next door to Alice. The last time I remember them in the UK charts was 1974, with the catchy Rooftop Singing. In every way they capture the feeling of those warm summers of the mid 70s. truly a band worth remembering. This band are very rare on the sharing scene, so it may be worth downloading this to see what you missed.

Flac 1147 kbps (perfect lossless)
Track Listings
1. Tom-Tom Turnaround
2. Kara Kara
3. Living Next Door To Alice
4. Sister Jane
5. Rose Garden
6. Rooftop Singing
7. Lay Me Down
8. Lord Of The Dance
9. Ain't Nobody Ever Gonna Wonder Why
10. Something To Say
11. First Steps
12. Summer In My Eyes
13. Honeywind Blows
14. Something's Wrong
15. Rain
16. Cowboy Convention
17. I'll Catch The Sun
18. Little Play Soldier
19. Try To Remember
20. Lo And Behold
21. Puppy Song
22. Kara Kara