Michael Nyman - The libertine (2005) - New link

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The Libertine - 2005

Michael Nyman - The libertine (2005) - New link

MN Records Ltd (MNRCD104)
OST - MP3 - 128 kbps - 42,5 MB

1.History Of The Insipid (3:59)
2.Upon Drinking In A Bowl (0:49)
3.Impromptu On An English Court (2:12)
4.Upon Nothing (1:12)
5.The Maimed Debauchee (0:47)
6.The Wish (3:53)
7.The Submission (2:33)
8.A Ramble In St James' Park (1:31)
9.The Mistress (4:48)
10.Signior Dildo (1:33)
11.Against Constancy (3:06)
12.My Lord All-Pride (1:01)
13.The Imperfect Enjoyment (4:26)
14.A Satire Against Reason (3:12)
15.Rochester's Farewell (4:25)
16.A Satire Against Mankind (3:07)
17.Upon Leaving His Mistress (5:25)

Working alongside director Laurence Dunmore, Michael Nyman has composed the music for his latest film, The Libertine.
The film is a version of the celebrated Stephen Jeffreys play. It tells the story of the 17th century Earl of Rochester (Johnny Depp), his friendship with King Charles II (John Malkovich) and his affair with actress Elizabeth Barry (Samantha Morton). For Nyman, there’s a direct link back to his first major soundtrack The Draughtsman’s Contract, another 17th-Century based comedy of manners.
Once again the composer and his long-standing band deliver a stunning score, rich in detail, with driving, baroque-influenced tunes counter-balanced by a series of haunting, elegiac melodies.
Performed by The Michael Nyman Band, The Libertine — Original Soundtrack CD is available now on MN Records, the composer's own label, launched in January 2005.
"Nyman’s music these days has a moving, elegiac quality that his Greenaway work only hinted at. . . . Exquisite melancholia, proof that Nyman is getting better with age." —Empire magazine


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