Big Pig - BONK (1988) - Cue & Wave

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Album: BONK
Artist: Big Pig
Released: 1988
Label: Mushroom Records
Format: Cue/Wave (EAC & Lame encoder)
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Size: 453.60 MB (598 MB extracted)


"Big Pig were a seven-piece Australian pop/rock band that existed from 1985-1990.

Formed in London in 1985 by drummer Oleh Witer and singer Nick Disbray, at the beginning of 1986, the two relocated to Melbourne and recruited the line-up which would become the band that had the hit records.

In May 1986 after only five live shows in Australia, every major record and publishing company in the country offered lucrative contracts to the group. Mushroom Records became the band's label and their first album BONK was recorded in Melbourne and then mixed in London in 1986-1987. The album went gold, then platinum in Australia with three top-twenty singles ("Hungry Town", "Breakaway" and "Big Hotel").

In the U.S. "Breakaway" went Top 40 in the Billboard magazine top 100 pop charts.

Noted for their dominant use of drums, harmonica and vocals, and with the absence of guitars, the band established a unique place in music, sounding quite unlike anything else. Their stage show featured all members wearing the same minimalist costume: a dark waterproof apron, similar to that worn by slaughterhouse workers. They disbanded in 1990 after the release of their second album, You Lucky People.

The band were known in the United Kingdom for providing the theme tune for the BBC DEF II Rough Guides show with Magenta Devine, whilst "Breakaway" was used as the opening theme to the 1989 movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and "Hungry Town" was used in the Young Einstein soundtrack.

Many tracks from the first album BONK were used towards the end of the Miami Vice TV series in the 1980s."


01. Iron Lung
02. Hungry Town
03. Breakaway
04. Tin Drum
05. Boy Wonder
06. Big Hotel
07. Hellbent Heaven
08. Nation
09. Charlie
10. Fine thing
11. Money God
12. Devil's Song
13. Breakaway [Popper Mix]
14. Hungry Town [Grub Club Mix]

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