Billy Oskay and Micheal O Domhnaill - Nightnoise

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Billy Oskay and Micheal O Domhnaill - Nightnoise

Billy Oskay and Micheal O Domhnaill (1984)
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Nightnoise. This is the debut album of Billy Oskay and Micheal O Domhnaill, recorded in Oregon in 1987. The group later took Nightnoise as the name of their band after this recording.

They started off recording with the Windham Hill label. Their sound is a delightful blend of classical, celtic, jazz, chamber. Graceful, mellow, soothing, like fine wine. It is rather hard to classify Nightnoise in a simple genre. Most of us end up putting them in the "new age" category. As with other artists that defy classification, like Vangelis, Andreas Vollenweider, Shadow Fax, Deep Forest, etc., they usually get dumped in a category that hardly describes their originality.

Whatever they call it, just give it a listen and decide for yourself if you like it :-)

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