Bing Crosby - King Bing

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The best-selling singer of all time and a collection of some his finest recorded moments.
Crosby's ability encompassed crooning, swing and comedy, and those styles are all represented here, imbued with that good-natu red vocal confidence that made him the world's favourite.

Bing Crosby - King Bing / Mp3 CBR 320kbps / 137 MB


1. YOU'RE GETTING TO BE A HABIT WITH ME (2.48) (Dubin-Warren) B.Feldman & Co. LId
2. DINAH (2.58) (Lewis-Young-Akst) B.Feldman & Co. Ltd/Redwood Music LId
3. TEMPTATION (3.06) (Freed-Brown) EMI United Partnership LId
4. WITH EVERY BREATH I TAKE (3.07) (Robin-Rainger) Warner Chappell Music LId
5. MAY I (2.54) (Gordon-Revel) Warner Chappell Music LId
6. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (3.03) (Bernie-Pinkard-Casey) Francis Day & Hunter Ltd/Redwood Music LId
7. JUNE IN JANUARY (3.09) (Robin-Rainger) Francis Day & Hunter LId
8. SUNDAY, MONDAY OR ALWAYS (2.32) (Burke-van Heusen) Chappell-Morris LId
9. I LOVE YOU (2.34) (Cole Porter) Warner Chappell Music LId
10. NEW SAN ANTONIO ROSE (3.15) (Willis) Warner Chappell Music LId
11. MR.GALLAGHER & MR.SHEAN (2.49) (Gallagher-Shean) Lawrence Wright Music Co. LId
12. I'M AN OLD COW HAND (From The Rio Grande) (2.39) (Mercer) EMI United Partnership LId
13. DEEP IN THE HEART OFTEXAS (2.41) (Herhsey-Swander) Peermusic (UK) LId
14. SIERRA SUE (2.59) (Carey-Shapiro) Francis Day & Hunter LId
15. YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY (2.52) (Mercer-Warren) B.Feldman & Co. LId
16. SWINGING ON A STAR (2.29) (Burke-van Heusen) Chappell-Morris LId
17. TRADE WINDS (3.13) (Tobias-Friend) Warner Chappell Music LId
18. MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU (3.10) (Burke-van Heusen) Famous Chappell Music LId
19. TOO MARVELLOUS FOR WORDS (3.03) (Mercer-Whiting) Warner Chappell Music LId
20. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (3.07) (Burke-Johnston) Campbell Connelly & Co. LId
T.P.L. 59'08'
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