Bobby Hughes Combination - Nhu Golden Era

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Bobby Hughes Combination - Nhu Golden Era
Mp3 - 192 | 94 MB | Genre: Electronica
Release Date: Feb 4, 2003 | Label: Stereo Deluxe

Norwegian DJ Espen Horne's second album under his Bobby Hughes Experience byline follows up from his well-received debut, Fusa Riot, in its soaking an enviable selection of Scandinavian jazz touches into a marinade of contemporary elements. While dripping with bossa cool and the type of European funk that gets Gilles Peterson hot under the collar, the 12 tracks retain an almost cheeky quality, which proves as endearing as irresistible. Whether it's the table-tennis ball which ping-pongs around "Moogjuus" or the Bassey impersonator who graces "Karins Kerma" with a glutinous vocal the consistency of chocolate cake, there is plenty more to Nhu Golden Era than just the usual sample-fuelled cinematic majesty which passed for funk in 2002. Clever yet inclusive, with just enough quirk to preclude a long shelf life, Horne's new era is a welcome one.

1 Nhu Golden Era 1:29
2 Clive, The Runner 4:46
3 Moogjuus 4:57
4 Nhu Beginin 4:15
5 MC Arthurs Break 5:23
6 Olympic Girls 4:00
7 Karins Kerma 5:16
8 Harp Junction 5:08
9 Nattergalen 6:07
10 Brass Interruption 7:32
11 Magnificent Mr. Morgan 5:40
12 Microneseren 13:26

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