Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

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Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)
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Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

1986-Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
1990-Vegetarians Of Love
1992-Happy Club
2002-sex age & death

Geldof formed the punk group Boomtown Rats in 1975. During the band's existence, it moved from the pure energy and aggression of hits like "Looking After No. 1" to the more sophisticated, but still provocative, "I Don't Like Mondays" (its title derived from the answer given by a San Diego schoolgirl when asked why she'd killed her classmates). The band became a moderate success in the U.K., though it never really broke through in the U.S.
In the fall of 1984, Geldof watched a BBC documentary on Ethiopian poverty and was inspired to put together a charity single, "Do They Know It's Christmas." It featured a large number of British pop stars performing under the name Band Aid and became the best-selling single in U.K. history. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie repeated the feat the following year in the U.S. with "We Are the World." By then Geldof was involved in plans for a massive charity concert that eventually became Live Aid, two marathon shows held July 13, 1985, at Wembley Stadium in London and at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, featuring a Who's Who of pop/rock talent. Millions were raised and distributed to the African poor. Geldof was nominated for a Nobel Prize and knighted, and his autobiography Is That All? became a U.K. best-seller. In 1986, The Rats split and Geldof launched a solo career, again with greater success in England than in the U.S. Deep In the Heart of Nowhere appeared that same year, however Geldof's signature lyrical intellect wasn't up to par. He fared a bit better on 1990's The Vegetarians of Love. Instead of using an all-star cast found on his previous two albums, Geldof put a band together for the solid 1993 release Happy Club.
For the rest of the decade, Geldof continued his fight against world hunger, specifically African famine. He joined Wyclef Jean, Bono and others such as Bryan Ferry, Jimmy Page, Stereophonics and Sean "Puffy" Combs for NetAid in October 1999. Three stadium concerts, which took place in New York, London, and Geneva, were simulcasted live on the Internet, radio, and television, staging a multimedia event that aimed to help end world poverty. In the new millennium, Geldof returned to music for 2002's Sex, Age and Death.

1986-Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

01 - This Is The World Calling.mp3
02 - In The Pouring Rain.mp3
03 - August Was A Heavy Month.mp3
04 - Love Like A Rocket.mp3
05 - I Cry Too.mp3
06 - When I Was Young.mp3
07 - This Heatless Heart.mp3
08 - The Beat Of The Night.mp3
09 - Truly True Blue.mp3
10 - Pulled Apart By Horses.mp3
11 - Words From Heaven.mp3
12 - Good Boys In The Wrong.mp3
13 - Night Turns To Day.mp3
14 - Deep In The Heart Of Nowhere.mp3

1990-Vegetarians Of Love
Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

01-A gospel song.mp3
02-Love or something.mp3
03-The Great Song Of Indifference.mp3
04-Thinking Voyager 2 type things.mp3
05-Big romantic stuff.mp3
06-Crucified me.mp3
07-The chains of pain.mp3
08-A rose at night.mp3
09-No small wonder.mp3
10-Walking back to happiness.mp3
11-Let it go.mp3
12-The End Of The World.mp3

1992-Happy Club
Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

01-Room 19.mp3
02-A Hole To Fill.mp3
03-The Song Of The Emergent Nationalist.mp3
04-Attitude Chicken.mp3
05-Yeah, Definitely.mp3
06-The House At The Top Of The World.mp3
07-The Soft Soil.mp3
08-A Sex Thing.mp3
09-My Hippy Angel.mp3
10-The Happy Club.mp3
11-Like Down On Me.mp3
12-Too Late God.mp3
13-Roads Of Germany.mp3

1994-Loudmouth: The Best Of The Boomtown Rats & Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

01-I Don't Like Mondays.mp3
02-This Is The World Calling.mp3
03-Rat Trap.mp3
04-The Great Sound Of Indifference.mp3
05-Love Or Something.mp3
06-Banana Republic.mp3
08-The Elephants Graveyard.mp3
09-Someone's Looking At You.mp3
10-She's So Modern.mp3
11-House On Fire.mp3
12-The Beat Of The Night.mp3
13-Diamond Smiles.mp3
14-Like Clockwork.mp3
15-Room 19 (Sha La La La Lee).mp3
16-Mary Of The 4th Form.mp3
17-Looking After Number One.mp3

2002-sex age & death
Bob Geldof Discography (5 albums)

01-One for me.mp3
02-$6,000,000 Loser.mp3
03-Pale white girls.mp3
04-The new routine.mp3
06-Mind in pocket.mp3
07-My birthday suit.mp3
08-Scream in vain.mp3
09-Inside your head.mp3