BonnieTyler - OnTour (23-04-2006)

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BonnieTyler - OnTour (23-04-2006)

Bonnie Tyler - On Tour (DVD 2006)

1.La Cigalle, Paris:Intro
2.Holding out for a hero
3.All I need is love
4.Driving me crazy
5.Crying in Berlin
7.Hold out your hear
8.Run run run
10.Interlude - Holding out for a hero-theme
11.Lost in France
12.Bonnies Birthday Celebration
13.Total eclipse of the heart
14.Bonnie introduces the Band
15.Its a heartache
16.Bonus:Poland:Departure of the Band(Skit)
17.Sopot Festival(Skit)
18.Its a heartache
19.Dinner with Bonnie(Skit)
20.The Band visits Molo
21.Tunisie:Louise (video)
22.Making of Louise(Skit)
23.France:Bonnie meets her Fans(Skit)
24.Lunch and Dinner with Bonnie(Skit)
25.Spain:If you were a woman
26.Simply believe
27.Here she comes
29.Canada: Les laurentines Video(Skit)
30.Morocco:Marrakech "Shopping"(Skit)
31.Picture Gallery,(Skit)
32.Song Lyrics(Skit)

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