Bond - Shine (year 2002)

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Bond - Shine (year 2002)

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Dubbed classical music’s answer to Spice Girls, crossover string quartet Bond is back with its new album Shine. Their debut album saw them booted out of the classical charts for being too much on the pop side, but eventually found international success in the pop-instrumental category. World beats are an important component of Bond’s sound, with bits of Celtic, West Asian and southern/eastern European folk music easily recognisable. However, appropriated classical themes and movie soundtrack feel (often courtesy film composer Magnus Fiennes) predominate. The album mixes different genres of instrumental music with pulsing dance rhythms, and new age musical hooks to take the quartet into new territory. Classical composers Borodin and Albinoni contribute Strange Paradise and Big Love Adagio, while the tracks take different directions, with a take on the tango style of Astor Piazolla (Libertango). Other international-flavoured tracks include Sahara, Gypsy Rhapsody and Fuego. The highlights of the album include a Led Zeppelin cover Kashmir and a Bond version of the 007 Bond theme tune Bond On Bond…..

Song Title
1. Allegretto
2. Shine
3. Fuego
4. Strange Paradise
5. Speed
6. Big Love Adagio
7. Kashmir
8. Gypsy Rhapsody
9. Libertango
10. Sahara
11. Ride
12. Space
13. Bond On Bond (James Bond Theme)