BrainWave Generator v3.1.9

Posted By: Franco Sarrocchi

BrainWave Generator v3.1.9

Want to relax? Meditate? Learn faster? Focus attention? Increase your awareness? Try self-hypnosis?

Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Generator take you to the state of mind you want.
The sound and visual stimulation functions of BrainWave Generator help you :

- prepare for stressful situations or challenging tasks
- improve learning results
- alleviate sleeping problems and headaches
...and much more!

BrainWave Generator generates binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

In addition to using the more than 20 built-in brain wave entrainment programs, you can create your own programs (presets).

Enjoy it!