Браво - «Избранное»

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Браво - «Избранное»

Браво - «Избранное»
Beat | 1998 | Nostalgie | 320 kbps | CD-DA Source | 84 Mb | Incl. Covers and Examples

This group, which plays good old rock'n'roll and rockabilly, was put together by guitarist Eugene Haftan in 1983. Before long, they had found a magnificent vocalist in Zhanna Aguzarova, but she eventually left to live in America – though she is still quite popular in Russia. After Zhanna was Valery Siutkin, an eccentric and energetic young man, handles vocal duties. Their idol is Elvis Presley.
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01. Дорога в облака
02. Ветер знает
03. Стильный оранжевый галстук
04. Старый отель
05. Этот город
06. Автомобиль
07. Я - то, что надо
08. Если бы на Марсе
09. Кошки
10. Вася
11. Серенада 2000
12. Любите, девушки