Bread - Anthology (1985)

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Bread - Anthology (1985)

Bread - Anthology (1985)
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This collection of Bread hits from the 70s were compiled from their various L.P.s. The songs are timeless and Bread put out some of the best soft rock there ever was. Back then no matter where you lived you were almost certain to hear a Bread song on radio.

"If they are to believed, David Gates and the other members of Bread never intended to become the enduring icons of a subgenre they virtually invented: soft rock. Indeed, scattered throughout this edition are tuneful evidence of their original intent, as one band mate said, "to make the '60s last a little longer." But it's the familiar, largely Gates-penned and -sung hit singles that remain the band's legacy, from "Make It with You" through the reunited band's last hurrah, "Lost Without Your Love." Though they've become oft-mocked clichés, these are singles informed with a rare, often complex melodic sense, delivered with a deceptively breezy tone by one of pop's purest tenors. Gates and Bread clearly colored artists as diverse as '80s MOR icon Christopher Cross and nouveau singer-songwriter David Mead."

Tracks List:

01 - Make It With You
02 - Dismal Day
03 - London Bridge
04 - Anyway You Want Me
05 - Look What You've Done
06 - It Don't Matter To Me
07 - The Last Time
08 - Let Your Love Go
09 - Truckin'
10 - If
11 - Baby I'm-A Want You
12 - Everything I Own
13 - Down On My Knees
14 - Aubrey
15 - Diary
16 - Sweet Surrender
17 - The Guitar Man
18 - Fancy Dancer
19 - She's The Only One
20 - Lost Without Your Love


Part 1 (58 mb)

Part 2 (52 mb)


I have a four other songs that appear in the 'Best of Bread' which was not in the Anthology release. I thought I would put if up here for some people who would like to have them as well. So basically you have both albums with these additions:-)

01 - Friend And Lovers
02 - He's A Good Lad
03 - Daughter
04 - Mother Freedom


Extra (23 mb)


Hope this bunch of songs will bring back sweet memories to some people here. That's all from me folks till I see you all again in a couple of weeks. Cheers Avaxhomers !!