Brooklyn Funk Essentials featuring Laço Tayfa: In The BuzzBag (1998)

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Brooklyn Funk Essentials featuring Laço Tayfa: In The BuzzBag (1998)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials feat. Laço Tayfa: In The BuzzBag (1998)

Funk Jazz | Turkish Traditional Music | mp3 | 192 Kbps | 82 Mb | 10 Tracks

This is an unusual offering for the New York funk/jazz/hip hop outfit, recorded in Istanbul in consortium with local combo Laço Tayfa. Already adept at fusing funk, reggae, Latin, and jazz in their mix, Funk Essentials here add Turkish rhythms and instruments like the kanun, oud, zuma, and clarinet, usually just for color in the dance groove. When things work, as on the title track, it's a highly successful marriage, but at times it is a little forced. The material strays to a couple of sappy "urban contemporary" ballads, but luckily Buzz Bag is generally upbeat, and the band's inherent musicality, humor, and intelligence keep things afloat. The most interesting tracks are the ones that carry the most Turkish influence, but generally this is less a World Summit than a Nu Kultural Flava.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Acid-jazz collective Brooklyn Funk Essentials was first conceived in 1993 by producer Arthur Baker and bassist/musical director Lati Kronlund; by the following year, the group was a staple of the New York City club scene, with early lineups also including singers Joi Cardwell, Sha-Key, and Papa Dee, poets Everton Sylvester and David Allen, DJ Jazzy Nice, keyboardist Yuka Honda, (soon to co-found Cibo Matto), trumpeter Bob Brachmann, trombonist Joshua Roseman, saxophonist Paul Shapiro, drummer Yancy Drew, and percussionist E.J. Rodriguez. Brooklyn Funk Essentials' debut album Cool and Steady and Easy followed in the summer of 1994, scoring an underground hit with its rendition of Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has a Master Plan"; when Caldwell exited to mount a solo career, she was replaced by vocalist Stephanie McKay. In the Buzz Bag followed in 1998, and two years later, the group returned with Make 'Em Like It.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials: Primary Artist
Papa Dee: Background Vocals, Vocals
Stephanie McKay: Background Vocals, Vocal
Etienne Stadwijk: Background Vocals, Keyboard
Necati Senot: Baglama
Lati Vironlund: Bass, Guitar
Hüsnü Senlendirici: Clarinet
Paul Zerang: Dumbek, Keyboards
Bob Brockman: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Paul Shapiro: Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
E.J. Rodriguez: Percussion
Josh Roseman: Trombone
Gökcan Senasik: Violin
Ipek Senot: Vocals
Sha-Key: Vocals
Everton Sylvester: Vocals
Özkan Allici: Baglama
Türker Dinletir: Zurna
Paul Shapiro: Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Track list:

1. By and Bye 5:35
2. Istanbul Twilight 6:53
3. Magick Karpet Ride 5:08
4. In the BuzzBag 6:27
5. Keep It Together 7:28
6. Selling Out 5:56
7. Ska Ka-Bop 4:05
8. You Don't Know Nothing 5:04
9. Freeway to Üsküdar 5:07
10.Zurna Preserve 8:53

"Their moniker is deceptive because this huge (23-piece) outfit deals in everything from global dub ("Istanbul Twilight") to Middle-Eastern bass-and-drums ("By and Bye"). While this far-flung stylistic sampling might result in havoc, these folks keep it real by focusing on the groove. When they do kick into a straight-ahead funk riff on the title track, even this is peppered with their clever melding of Eastern motifs and dancehall vocals. This is something else, and that's a good thing. "

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