Roy Buchanan LIVE in JAPAN (1977) Mp3 (Lame, 160 CBR)

Posted By: akas

Years ago, when I first heard of Roy Buchanan, it was from a chewed-up tape, a "collection" (analog warez?? ;-)) recorded from a friend's tapes & vinyl stuff... For years I searched for that exact rendition of "Hey, Joe" that had left me ecstatic, but the album was extremely rare and only recently, in 2004, I bought an (official) CD reissue of the '77 Buchanan classic "Live in Japan" - the original was from Polydor, Japan !!! Following lowcostmusic's excellent post of Live Stock here are some of the late guitarist's finest moments EVER recorded in Mp3 (Lame, CBR, 160 kbps)

Track list:
01. Soul Dressing
02. Sweet Honey Dew
03. Hey, Joe
04. Slow Down, in Part1 : 26.29 MB

05. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
06. Blues Otani
07. My Babe Says She's Gonna Leave Me
08. Sweet Dreams, in Part 2: 22.18 MB

Pwd is : roy . Enjoy !