Buddha Bar VIII - promo sampler (CORRECT)

Posted By: vasok
Приношу огромные извинения за то, что приходится дублировать публикацию. Релизеры спутали два релиза, и вместо Buddha Bar запостился релиз не менее интересный, но другой.
Сейчас я исправляю оплошность. Это - действительно Buddha Bar VIII Promo sampler, 16 треков слитых в микс. Для всех тех, кто хотел Buddha Bar ;-)

Here is the original Buddha Bar VIII, instead of which I posted another album in mistake. And now its what it supposed to be ;) Sorry for inconvenience and hope you've also got some pleasure with that previous albm, cuz it also was pretty interesting. This time its mix of 16 tracks.

Buddha Bar VIII - promo sampler .. VBR MP3 .. 106 Mb .. Lounge

С сайта создателя компиляции, Sam Popat:

Here it is - the most awaited event for Lounge Lovers has arrived! The eighth Buddha Bar is ready to blow your mind and this time on the pad: DJ Sam Popat, resident DJ at the Buddha Bar Paris since its creation. This new magical opus includes exceptional titles as "White" by Naomi, "Lost in Reflection" by Pompon Finkelstein, and "I Feel You" by Schiller.
From his ethnic diversity (born in Madagascar with Indian parents), Sam Popat knows quickly how to survive in the Parisian Jungle but also in the Urban Temple of New York, the "Big Apple". It's in the Buddha Bar, as a DJ, that he creates his own musical style, spiced blend of Tribal House and fusion, and that he makes his artistic mark. Through Buddha Bar 8 - Paris and New York - Sam reveals himself as a true type-setter and one of the greatest DJ of his generation.


CD 1 ­ Paris

1 Sanja Ili_ & Balkanika ­ "Korana"
2 Naomi ­ "White"
3 Alihan Samedov ­ "Son Nefes (Deep Mix)"
4 Panjabi Hit Squad featuring Manpreet Kaur ­ "Hasdi Hasdi (Hit Squad Mix)"
5 Antaeus ­ "Palm of the Prophet"
6 Out Of Phase ­ "Desire (Tiger Mix 2006)"
7 Yasmin Levy ­ "Madre, Si Esto Hazina"
8 Pompon Finkelstein ­ "Lost In Reflection (La Forza Del Destino by G. Verdi)"

CD 2 - New York

1 Angel Tears ­ "Mystic Desire"
2 Vasilisa ­ "Oblak / Cloud"
3 Ensemble Ethnique ­ "Asilah"
4 DJ Bool presents Jerk House Connection ­ "Mother Blues"
5 Belladonna ­ "Ebatule"
6 Sanja Ili_ & Balkanika ­ "Balkan Vocals"
7 Alberto "Beto" Uña ­ "Angels in the Desert (Original Profundo Mix)"
8 Bongoloverz featuring Ursula Cuesta ­ "La Esperanza (Hope & Faith)"

Часть 1 (68 Mb)
Часть 2 (38 Mb)