Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea

Posted By: Hugo

Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea | 2001 | 192Kbps | 74Mb

Не помню, выкладывался ли Sweet Tea Buddy Guy'a с мощным, грязным звуком старых ламповиков, взбивающим ил и тину. Рискну повторится, – для меня это любимый диск Buddy.

Sweet Tea" is a tribute CD to several of the North Mississippi Hills musicians such as, the late Junior Kimbrough, Lowell Fulsom & T-Model Ford from Fat Possum records. Working with a small collective of Mississippi-based musicians, Guy sings with a passion that can only come from the same source as the songs. The noise generated in the studio through vintage amplifiers has a live and dangerous feel to it.

Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea - 2001

1. Done Got Old
2. Baby Please Don't Leave Me
3. Look What All You Got
4. Stay All Night
5. Tramp
6. She Got The Devil In Her
7. I Gotta Try You Girl
8. Who's Been Foolin' You
9. It's A Junlge Out There