Calexico - The Book and The Canal (2005)

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Calexico - The Book and The Canal (2005) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 113 MB

Calexico, a Tucson collective of musicians focused around Joey Burns and John Convertino, forged an eclectic identity through their exploration of Southwestern culture. Composer Ennio Morricone's spaghetti Westerns as well as Portuguese fado; Afro-Peruvian music; and '50s and '60s jazz, country, and surf music all factored into Calexico's music.

Calexico's first new tour cd since 2002 is now out. It is titled "The Book and The Canal". Clocking in at just over 49 minutes this new CD features 17 tracks (ranging from new studio recordings to low-fi home recordings and even some live material from the bands own archives).

1: Half A Smidge
2: What's A Little Wait
3: Griptape
4: Muddy Meadow
5: Near The Woodpile
6: Unter Unserem Himmel
7: Painted Over
8: Electric Relay
9: Ghostwriter
10: Dredging
11: Heavy With The Bass
12: Arco Chato
13: Break To Barranca
14: Kiss And Tell
15: In The Cut
16: Drag Storm Around
17: One Last Panoramic



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