R. Carlos Nakai - Island of Bows

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R. Carlos Nakai в медитативном аудио-пейзажe, на этот раз с японцами из Wind Travelin' Band. Впечатляет пластичность музыкантов, двигающихся навстречу друг другу из столь удаленных точек.

A work which combines the sounds of the Native American flute with traditional Japanese string instruments in a recording done at Houn-ji Temple in Kyoto.

Island of Bows is a stunning mixed cultural work by Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai with the world acoustic sound of Wind Travelin' Band and featuring Shonsuke Ohkura and Oki Karo. Nakai playing is fluid, he can bend notes where needed to match the Oriental scale. Wind Travelin' Band offers extraordinary direction with their traditional acoustic instruments and penchant for non-Western folk music. Ohkura is featured on an otsuzumi drum and Karo on the rare Japanese instrument, the Ainu tribe's tonkori. ~ MusD, All Music Guide

R. Carlos Nakai - Island of Bows

1. Sunrise
2. Island Bows
3. Kamui
4. Sunrise II
5. Cloud Temple
6. Night Forest
7. Red Wind