From Brazil - O Melhor de Gal Costa

Posted By: gandallon
I learned about Gal’s existence by mere accident while looking for something else and I have always regreted that it didn’t happen much earlier, but on the end I’m very glad that I did.

Have you listened to her or you are in the same situation where i was many years ago?

Judge for yourself, not much to loose except the chance to find a new dimension in contemporary brazilian music.

Of course, uploaders cannot demand comments or opinions, but if you feel interested to download this album (or anything from any other member's post) I want to encourage you to post a comment every time if possible, either good or bad but please give yourself the time to do so, lot of preparation is involved for posting and usually the comments/downloads ratio is not what we (or i) like to see.

I truly believe is a great way, just like alejx007 mentioned in rocktheboss’ "caricias" post, to show that we are a community of friends that do communicate among ourselves and not just CD “predators”.

Enjoy this fantastic music!

01. Brasil
02. Chuva de Prata
03. Sorte
04. De Volta Ao Começo
05. Vaca Profana
06. Bem-bom
07. Atrás Da Luminosidade
08. Último Blues
09. Nada Mais
10. Tá Combinado
11. Um Dia de Domingo
12. Topázio
13. Cabeça Feita / Tililingo / Tem Pouca Diferença
14. Musa de Qualquer Estação
15. Quem Perguntou por Mim
16. Onde Está o Dinheiro