Forever Classics Collection (CD3 - Dvorak)

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Forever Classics Collection (CD3 - Dvorak)

length: ~69 minutes, format: EAC-APE-CUE

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Filename: fc03.rar
Filesize: 273 MB
Password: 03
Recovery record: 3%

About Track 9:

Track 9, Dvorak Slavonic Dances, No. 5 of Forever Classics CD 3

The RAR file is 29.3MB in size and contains the following files:


Dvorak - Slavonic Dances, No. 5.mp3 - 7.77MB MP3 file at 320kbps, 2 channel stereo, 44 kHz
Dvorak - Slavonic Dances, No. 5.wav - 34.2MB WAV file at 16 bit, 1411kbps, 2 channel stereo, 44kHz


CD Cover/CD Label Art

CDCover.psd - Adobe Photoshop file
CDCover.bmp - Bitmap file for use with CD Labeling software
CDCover.jpg - JPEG file for use with tagging
ForeverClassics3.std - Surething CD Label file
The Castellar Adobe Type 3 Postscript Font used in the Photoshop file

All files are in English. The Photoshop file is supplied for those who may wish to make adjustments and/or translation conversions.

A text file is included with instructions for creating a full CD with the corrected ninth track.

Download Link:

For those just wishing the 7MB MP3 file:

NOTE: When burning the corrected CD compilation, you may need to adjust the file names of the individual tracks before burning so they appear in contiguous order for play. Or, you may need to adjust your cue sheet file to reference the specific files so that the order of play is correct. Cue sheet adjustment is only necessary if you intend on burning from the cue sheet.

Thanks to Slade.

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