Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}

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Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}

Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}
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Jazz / Avant-Garde Jazz / Progressive Jazz / Piano

In Memoriam. Recorded live in Berlin at the Total Music Meeting in early November 1996, and released by FMP in 2005, the nearly 77-minute performance ritual Almeda easily stands among Cecil Taylor's finest large ensemble realizations, including Unit Structures (1966), Winged Serpent/Sliding Quadrants (1986), and The Owner of the River Bank, a collaboration with the Italian Instabile Orchestra which occurred in 2004. Almeda's forces are expansive and colorfully unfurled. Here the pianist, poet, and composer was anchored by his regular working unit of bassist Dominic Duval and drummer Jackson Krall, with guest cellist Tristan Honsinger.

Taylor's horns on this occasion consisted of trumpeter Chris Matthay, trombonist Jeff Hoyer, and saxophonists Harri Sjöström, Chris Jonas, and Elliott Levin. Taylor delivers poetry with his voice at the outset, and only participates with the piano during the closing movement, which lasts more than 35 minutes. The realm of intuitive group improvisation has been explored and celebrated in earnest since the early '60s. Almeda represents a particularly engaging plateau where nine individuals succeeded in establishing an uncommonly fertile common ground.
Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}



Cecil Taylor: piano
Chris Matthay: trumpet
Chris Jonas: soprano & alto saxophone
Harri Sjöström: soprano saxophone
Elliott Levin: tenor saxophone, flute
Jeff Hoyer: trombone
Tristan Honsinger: cello
Dominic Duval: double bass
Jackson Krall: drums

Recorded by Holger Scheuermann and Jost Gebers on November 2nd, 1996, during the Total Music Meeting at the Podewil in Berlin.

Track Listing:

01 - Almeda

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Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}

Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble - Almeda (1996) {FMP CD 126 rel 2005}

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