Charlie Watts Quintet - From One Charlie

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Charlie Watts Quintet - From One Charlie

Charlie Watts Quintet - From One Charlie
Genre: jazz | Label: Continuum Records | mp3 256 kb/s | PT: 28:14 | orig. release: 1991 | 52 MB

That quote from Charlie Watts in the liner notes sums up the feeling of this album. This is a warm and wonderful souvenir of Charlie Watts' obsession with Bird and his music, meant as a companion piece to his 1964 children's book, "Ode to a High Flying Bird," and recorded in 1991. Five new songs composed by alto sax player Peter King and two Parker originals ("Bluebird" and "Relaxing at Camarillo") make a short but thoroughly entertaining set of biographical and musical sketches. While this album's fine on its own, it will make you track down the Bird originals! (Amazon review).


1. Practising, Practising, Just Great
2. Relaxing At Camarillo
3. Going, Going, Going, Gone
4. Blackbird - White Chicks
5. Bluebird
6. Terra De Pajaro
7. Badseeds - Rye Drinks