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Christoph Rois. “The Real Boogie Woogie & Blues Piano” (2004)

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Christoph Rois | “The Real Boogie Woogie & Blues Piano” (2004)

192 kb/s | 87,6 MB | 01:03:08

Christoph Rois was born 1967 in Vienna. At the age of 16 years he, inspired by Albert Ammons Pete Johnson and Meade "lux" Lewis as well as that Hamburg Boogie master Axel Zwingenberger, he started to learn autodidactically the piano play. In this time it visited regularly live-conzerts of different Boogie pianists, particularly those of its idol Axel Zwingenberger.

Soon he had his first live-act in the Viennese "Jazzland".
In the consequence he studied Blues and Boogie Woogie and got in closer touch with the piano as played by pianists such as blindly John Davis, James "Stump" Johnson and Roosevelt Sykes. There followed both live-acts in the country and abroad and the recording of various records and CDs. 1994 he discovered his preference for authentic piano Blues and in his expression-strong interpretation appears his special talent for this piano style.

In the nineties Christoph Rois co-operated regularly with jazz trumpet player Franz Luttenberger, sometimes as duo and in the formation "Christoph Rois Boogie Boys". The combination of boogie-Piano and new Orleans jazz, which was strongly dominated by the trumpet, has its models in Albert Ammons "Rhytm Kings". Rois and Luttenberger recorded their version of it on a record.

In the years 1997–2000 the pianist was firm member of the Mojo Blues Band. With the group he completed hundreds of foreign tours, which led him to the USA, to Germany, Benelux, Switzerland and to other countries. In this formation on many occasions he shared the stage with his idol of the initial days: Axel Zwingenberger.

Genre: Boogie Woogie
Full Size: 87,6 MB (91 865 088 bytes)
Bitrate: 192 kb/s
Duration: 01:03:08

Track List:
1. Take of Boogie 3:55
2. Bass Goin’ Crazy 2:24
3. Doing the Chicago Blues 3:34
4. Bear Cat Crawl 2:46
5. Feeling Like in 12.000 Feet 4:18
6. In the Mood to Play the Blues 4:10
7. Meades’ Style Boogie 2:39
8. Inspirations of the Old Grand Piano 4:21
9. Ammons’ Heritage 2:30
10. Left Hand from Lewis 3:05
11. Boogie Rocks 3:19
12. Closing Time Blues 3:44
13. My Blues Feeling 3:52
14. My Way to Play the Blues 4:09
15. Johnsons’ Style Blues 4:18
16. Holguin Feeling 3:46
17. Still Alive (After Flying Cubana Air) 2:58
18. Mischa 3:11