[rock'n roll] Chuck Berry - Golden Hits

Posted By: drbyte
Ask any of the 60's hit makers about their influences and they'll run through folk music, the rockabillies, blues and then they'll bow their heads and tell you about Chuck Berry as though he was a whole school by himself.

[rock'n roll] Chuck Berry's Golden Hits

01-Sweet Little Sixteen 2:14
02-Memphis 2:07
03-School Days (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) 2:35
04-Maybellene 2:35
05-Back In The U.S.A. 2:27
06-Johnny B. Goode 2:45
07-Rock And Roll Music 2:33
08-Roll Over Beethoven 2:02
09-Thirty Days 2:10
10-Carol 2:24
11-Club Nitty Gritty 2:18

Total time = 25:00!! (see back cover attached)

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