Chuck E. Weiss - Old Souls And Wolf Tickets

Posted By: Hugo
Не угодно ли грубого, здорового безумия от Чакa Е. Вайсa? джайвa, New Orleans R&B, рок&ролла, спиричуэлa потерянных душ, изощрённой лапши, пьяных фальсетов и острот? :)

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If David Lynch opened a strip joint somewhere between the blues, jazz and the netherworld, Chuck E. Weiss would be its MC.

Chuck is a central figure in the L.A. music scene, and is admired by a wide variety of writers, actors and directors for his heart, soul and commitment to a true style and ethic that many other have abandoned. He is a living legend, a true original.

Tom Waits, C. E. Weiss, Ricki Lee Jones, Dr. John.