Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez(1978)(MP3)

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Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez(1978)(MP3)

Chuck Mangione - Children Of Sanchez(1978)(MP3)



1 Children of Sanchez (Overture) 14:10
2 Lullabye 3:51
3 Fanfare 1:05
4 Pilgrimage, Pt. 1 2:58
5 Pilgrimage, Pt. 2 2:37
6 Consuelo's Love Theme 17:02
1 Hot Consuelo 4:04
2 Death Scene 4:45
3 Market Place 3:11
4 Echano 2:37
5 Bellavia 3:15
6 Lullabye 3:40
7 Medley 8:20
8 B'bye 8:29
9 Children of Sanchez (Finale) 3:06

Thanks to the Latin-inflected title track, Children of Sanchez became another huge hit for Chuck Mangione. The title song even earned him a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance, and serious jazz listeners will spot a problem with that award — it was for pop, not jazz. That, of course, is an accurate assessment of Mangione's music, since there isn't much improvisation on the album at all. Instead, there's a selection of Spanish- and Latin-flavored instrumentals, arranged as if to give the impression that the album is a song cycle. If so, it's a song cycle/concept album that doesn't go anywhere. Nevertheless, there's enough pleasant music here to satisfy fans of his pop stylings.