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Compay Segundo - Antología de Compay Segundo [2-CD Set - Latin/Salsa

Posted By: Sega
Compay Segundo - Antología de Compay Segundo [2-CD Set - Latin/Salsa

Compay Segundo - Antología de Compay Segundo [2-CD Set - Latin/Salsa]
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Whoever coined the old showbiz bromide about an-overnight- success-years-in-the-making surely never imagined the story of Cuban singer, songwriter, and guitarist Francisco Repilado. After a career in music that stretches back to the 1920s, Repilado, 90, best known as Compay Segundo, found international acclaim as the heart and soul of Ry Cooder's Buena Vista Social Club. Antologia, a two-CD set recorded in Madrid, Spain, in 1995 with Compay's quartet, revisits his repertoire including "Yo Vengo Aquí," his first song, written in 1922, and the now classic "Chan Chan." The music is pure son (the quintessential style in Cuban music and the root of what came to be known as salsa), unadorned yet elegant, dusty, and sophisticated; it's impeccably played with clarity, a gentle swing, and deceptively simple arrangements. Anchoring the proceedings is Compay's armonico (a bright sounding, eight-string, guitar-like instrument of his own creation) and his resonant, harmonizing voice (Segundo is a reference to his role as second voice in his 1940s duo "Los Compadres"). Packaged with a booklet that includes old photographs, annotated lyrics, and useful essays (in Spanish), Antologia is a rich, delightful, historical document. -- Fernando Gonzalez



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