Dorati conducts Copland (Mercury Living Presence)

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Dorati conducts Copland (Mercury Living Presence)

Aaron Copland :
Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid (Complete), Danzón Cubano, El Salón México
The London Symphony Orchestra / The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
Conducted By Antal Dorati

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Track List:
Appalachian Spring (The London Symphony Orchestra)
Very slowly
Moderato: The Bride and her Intended
Fast: The Revivalist and his Flock
Allegro: Solo Dance of the Bride
Meno Mosso
Doppio movimento: Variations on a Shaker Hymn

Billy the Kid (The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra)
Introduction: The open Prairie
Street in a Frontier Town
Mexican Dance and Finale
Prairie Night (card game at night)
Gun Battle
Celebration (after Billy's capture)
Waltz from Billy the Kid
Billy's Death
The open Prairie again

Danzón Cubano (The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra)

El Salón México (The Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra)

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