Cressida: Cressida/Asylum

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Cressida: Cressida/Asylum
Release Date: 2004
Tracks: 20 (1-12: Cressida; 13-20: Asylum)
Produced by: Gott Discs
Format: MP3, CBR 256
Genre: Progressive Rock

Cressida/Asylum, the title track taken off their second and final album, released in 1971. Both Cressida albums can be used as an example of what is interesting and worthwhile about British late sixties/early seventies progressive rock.
They can quite easily be described as the next best thing to Spring, in that they borrowed from almost any style of music imaginable, creating a unique atmospheric blend of light-heartedness and seriousness. Their music is intelligent and melodic, with singer Angus Cullen having one of the most agreeable voices around at the time. Their first self-titled album, released on the Vertigo swirl label in 1970, is more song orientated, with "Depression" and it's stunning John Heyworth guitar solo being the stand out track. The second album, though, was by far the better one, with long instrumental passages and more elaborate arrangements, as can be heard on the best track, "Let them come when they will".
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