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A.J. Croce - A.J. Croce

Posted By: mojabe

A.J. Croce - A.J. Croce 1993 | CBR 320 kbps | mp3

"....this guy could have made a living playing Mozart as well as his own material."

If it weren't for his name, I would have never realized he is the son of one of my favorite composers and performers of the 70's. A.J. Croce's coarse voice and bluesy/jazzy style bear no resemblence to his father's music. But he has certainly inherited Jim Croce's genius for telling a story through his song. "He's Got A Way With Women" and "How'd We Get So Good At Saying Goodbye" are but a couple of examples of words painting a thousand pictures. It is difficult to categorize Croce's music because of the variety of styles he adopts and has mastered. "I Found Faith" is an introspective look at one man's search for truth, set to a smooth, soothing rhythm. That same soothing feeling comes through in "I Wonder", a classic torch song. But don't look for this CD to lull you to sleep. "Which Way Steinway", "Smokin' Good Time", and "Stuff You Gotta Watch" will rock your sock off. A.J.'s vocal qualities are well suited to the songs he sings, but his talent on the piano are what hooked me. I suspect this guy could have made a living playing Mozart as well as his own material. Since A.J.'s music is not typical of the candy-coated drool that fills the pop airwaves, he is not likely to become a household name. But I hope he continues producing CD's for years to come.

If you like blues, jazz and rock and roll don't miss this album. I think he is a cross between Dr. John's piano and Louis Armstrong's voice -- good company and high praise indeed! I first saw A.J. on Austin City Limits and had to go to the newspaper to find out who this remarkable artist was. I still wondered if he was any kin to the late Jim Croce. He is, and his dad passed on some great musical genes, but the resemblence stops there. He's never going to write time in a bottle and you wouldn't want him to do so. This is a must have album if you even remotely like music!


Track List:
01 He's Got A Way With Women
02 Which Way Steinway
03 I Wonder
04 How'd We Get So Good At Saying Good-bye
05 I Found Faith
06 Keep On Lookin'
07 She Wouldn't Give Me None
08 I Know Better now
09 Back Where I Began
10 Smokin' Good Time
11 Stuff You Gotta Watch
12 If I Could Be With You