Cuba L.A. - Dos (2000)

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Cuba L.A. - Dos (2000)

Cuba L.A. - Dos (2000)
Cuban | MP3 CBR 192 Kbps JS | Narada 2000 | 58 min | 77 Mb RS

"Excellent CD for those who likes percussion instruments played by a group of talented musicians, all of them with years of music studies in Conservatories. This CD includes aditional to traditional songs as "GUANTANAMERA", a cadenced mix of CONGAS, titled "POPURRI DE CONGAS", a typical Cuban rhythm. This is not simply another Cuban Music CD, because rhythms are played by professionals who knows Cuban Music with an excellent instruments mastery." – customer review,

Personnel: Carlos Parra, Iris Sandra Cepeda (vocals); Ramon Stagnaro (tres); Pablo Mendez (violin, background vocals); Danilo Lozano (flute); Luis Eric (trumpet, flugelhorn); Harry Kim (trumpet); Francisco Torres (trombone); Alberto Salas (piano); Carlos Puerto (bass); Michito Sanchez (bongos, clave, bata, guiro, marimbula, cowbell); Luis Conte (bongos, congas, cajon, bata, maracas, percussion); Orestes Vilato (timbales, cowbell, background vocals). Recorded at Sound Castle Studios, Los Angeles, California from May 20-25, 2000.


1. Kila Quique Y Chocolate
2. La Mora
3. Lagrimas Negras
4. El Guararei De Pastora
5. Whisper Not
6. Popurri De Congas
7. Danzon Legrand
8. La Mujer De Antonio
9. Drume Negrita
10. Guantanamera
11. Delirio
12. Semillas

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Cuba L.A. - Dos (2000)

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