The Cult: Sonic Temple

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The Cult: Sonic Temple

Sonic Temple is more than an album, it's an experience. Sun King and Fire Woman grab you and pull you in from the start with pure, loud, straight-ahead rock, then the gears shift to question you with American Horse. The beautiful wrenching tribute to the late Edie Sedgwick pulls you deeper, and with Sweet Soul Sister and Soul Asylum you're deep within the inner sanctums of the Temple.

1. Sun King
2. Fire Woman
3. American Horse
4. Edie (Ciao Baby)
5. Sweet Soul Sister
6. Soul Asylum
7. New York City
8. Automatic Blues
9. Soldier Blue
10. Wake up Time for Freedom
11. Medicine Train
12. Conquistador (single edit - bonus track)
13. Groove Co. (single edit - bonus track)
14. Zap City (single edit - bonus track)

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The Cult: Sonic Temple
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