DaiKaiJu - DaiKaiJu (2004)

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DaiKaiJu - DaiKaiJu (2004)

DaiKaiJu - DaiKaiJu (2004)
Genre: Surf Rock | 2004 Year | MP3 @320 Kbps + Cover | 90 MB RAR

ALL Credits on this album upload goes to Crumb, A VERY nice shareman that cames to my e-mail other day. Enjoy it, guys, it's just an A.W.E.S.O.M.E album

01-Daikaiju die!
02-Attack of the crab women
03-The trouble with those mothra girls
05-Showdown in shinjuku
06-The daikaiju who loved me
07-Son of daikaiju
09-Super X-9
10-Farewell to monster island