Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}

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Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}

Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}
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Jazz / Mainstream Jazz / Standards / Stride / Piano

Live at Maybeck Recital Hall is an album of solo performances by jazz pianist Dave McKenna, recorded in 1989. When Joanne Brackeen first arrived at the tiny Maybeck Recital Hall for a concert in June 1989, she was so delighted with the piano and the acoustics that she insisted that Concord owner Carl Jefferson arrange to have her performance there recorded. The message hit home and over the next few years, several dozen solo piano concerts were duly recorded by the label until the hall was sold and it was no longer available for tapings. One of the first concerts to follow Brackeen's featured Dave McKenna. He seems in a particularly lyrical mood throughout this afternoon concert, though his trademark buoyant bassline is often present.

While there are a number of gorgeous stand-alone songs, including the gliding "Dream Dancing," a lush, introspective "Detour Ahead," and an inventive, playful take of Duke Ellington's "C Jam Blues" (with a bassline inspired by boogie-woogie pianist Meade "Lux" Lewis' recording), there are several medleys that are connected by a common theme in their titles. Beautifully recorded and performed, this valuable CD was one of many Maybeck titles that was unfortunately deleted from Concord's active catalog.
Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}


DAVE McKENNA, solo piano

Recorded live at Maybeck Recital Hall, November 1989

Track Listing:

01. Spoken Introduction
02. Dream Dancing
03. Detour Ahead
04. Exactly Like You
05. I'm Glad There Is You/I'm Glad I Waited For You
06. Knowledge Medley: Teach Me Tonight/School Days/An Apple For The Teacher/I Didn't Know About You
07. Knowledge Medley (Part 2): I Didn't Know What Time It Was/I Wish I Knew/I Don't Know Enough About…
08. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)/You'll Never Know
09. I Never Knew
10. 'C' Jam Blues
11. Limehouse Blues

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Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}

Dave McKenna - Live At Maybeck (1990) {Concord Jazz CCD-4410}