David Arnold - The World Is Not Enough OST

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David Arnold - The World Is Not Enough OST

David Arnold - The World Is Not Enough OST
MP3 160 Kbps | 1999 | Label: Radioactive/MCA | 68:13 min | 78 MB
Genre: Soundtrack

The obvious marquee name here is Garbage–and the group delivers. Shirley Manson sings the title track in a detached catatonia that's juxtaposed with sultry, swirling strings and keyboards, draping the song in plush atmospherics worthy of Agent 007. But for eccentric and obsessive music collectors, the real surprise may be the participation of cult artist Scott Walker, who has forsaken his most recent forays into avant classical-pop for the perfectly syrupy, old-fashioned, string-lined ballad "Only Myself to Blame," which recalls the by-the-fire genius of his early solo work. This end-of-the-millennium James Bond thriller, however, is not without heart-racing action music to set the movie's pace. David Arnold, producer and writer of the Garbage and Walker tracks, sets forth 17 instrumental pieces that capture the Bond vibe so perfectly you can transform any room into a space-age bachelor pad just by pressing Play.

1. The World Is Not Enough (Performed by Garbage)
2. Show Me The Money
3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up
4. Access Denied
5. M's Confession
6. Welcome to Baku
7. Casino
8. Ice Bandits
9. Elektra's Theme
10. Body Double
11. Going Down - The Bunker
12. Pipeline
13. Remember Pleasure
14. Caviar Factory
15. Torture Queen
16. I Never Miss
17. Submarine
18. Christmas In Turkey
19. Only Myself To Blame (Performed by Scott Walker)

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