Death Cult - Death Cult (later to become The Cult)

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Death Cult - Death Cult (later to become The Cult) | MP3 VBR HQ

Well, I messed up, and sent a contribution with everything on it BUT the link. Must be the late night. Anyway...

This is a EP from Death Cult, who would turn into The Cult, and descend from Southern Death Cult (maybe they stopped there because there was already a group named The The...).
These are their musical roots, they would then produce 'Dreamtime' and 'Love', the latter of which is considered by many one of the best CD of the 80s, and far from what they would turn into: a heavy-or-something-similar-metal-rock, in the later phase of The Cult. BTW, their singer is now working with the 'ressurrected' Doors, it just shows that he likes to change musical style as many times as he can, or maybe he just doesn't know what he wants to do with the 'suspended' The Cult...

I will post SDC and TC when I can and if there's enough interest. Please say so in the comments section.

From freedb:
Death Cult / Death Cult
tracks: 6
total time: 23:23
1. 3:27 Gods Zoo
2. 3:32 Brothers Grimm
3. 3:59 Ghost Dance
4. 3:24 Horse Nation
5. 3:49 Christians
6. 5:09 Gods Zoo (These Times)
No covers, as I couldn't find them on the net, and my scanner is at a friend's house. I'll upload when I get it.

and the most important!!!