Deep Purple - Last Concert In Japan (1975) [lossless]

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Deep Purple - Last Concert In Japan (1975)
Genre: Rock | release date: 1977 | Label: Warner-Pioneer corp. | arts included | FLAC, 800-1020kbps | 322 Mb | 46:59

Last Concert in Japan is an album by Deep Purple released in March 1977. It records the last Japanese concert of the Mark IV-lineup with Tommy Bolin. This album was recorded on December 15, 1975 at the Tokyo Budokan, and parts were also shot on 16mm film that were included in the video "Rises Over Japan" released only Japan in 1985. A restored, extended audio version was released as a double CD in 2001 as This Time Around: Live in Tokyo. This performance set an attendance record for the Budokan Hall, about 14,000 attended. Unfortunately the performance was not the best, and the whole recording substantially edited to fit a single vinyl release. The whole concert was remastered and restored for the far more honest and satisfactory 'This Time Around' released in 2001.
Although the audience was unaware of it at the time of the show, new member Tommy Bolin had a severe drug addiction, that ultimately would prove to be fatal less than a year later. Bolin is said to suffered at this show the effects of sleeping on his left arm after an injected heroin dose, and therefore lacking any kind of sensibility in his left arm. This could easily explain what many fans consider to be some of his weakest playing ever, but the opinion of fans about this recording remains divided to this day: some see it as a low point for the band in general (and Bolin specifically), some others see it as a testament to the other member's talent and ability to rise up to the occasion, specially founding members Jon Lord and Ian Paice, turning in some great individual performances.
The original packaging of this release incorrectly stated that the album included a live version of "Woman from Tokyo", when in fact all that was included was a short jam of its main riff performed during Jon Lord's solo. Purple fans were disgusted by the move, which was attributed to record company foul play in order to boost record sales.

01. Burn (Blackmore/Coverdale/Lord/Paice) 7.05
from Burn[/b[/color]]
02. Love Child (Bolin/Coverdale) 4.44
from Come Taste The Band
03. You Keep On Moving (Coverdale/Hughes) 6.14
from Come Taste The Band
04. Wild Dogs (Tesar/Bolin) 6.04
from Tommy Bolin's solo album Teaser
05. Lady Luck (Cook/Coverdale) 3.10
from Come Taste The Band
06. Smoke On The Water (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.25
from Machine Head
07. Soldier Of Fortune (Blackmore/Coverdale) 2.21
from Stormbringer
snippet lifted from I Need Love and substituted for Georgia On My Mind
08. Woman From Tokyo instrumental (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 4.02
from Who Do We Think We Are! actually part of Jon Lord's organ solo
09. Highway Star (Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice) 6.51
from Machine Head

Jon Lord: Keyboards, organ, backing vocals.
Glenn Hughes: Bass, vocals.
Tommy Bolin: Lead Guitar & vocals.
David Coverdale: Lead vocals.
Ian Paice: Drums, percussion.

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Deep Purple - Last Concert In Japan (1975) [lossless]


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