Deep Purple - Rapture Of the Deep

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ARTIST: Deep Purple
TITLE: Rapture Of the Deep
GENRE: Hard Rock
BITRATE: 208kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 55min total
RELEASE DATE: 2005-11-01
RIP DATE: 2005-09-22

Track List
01. Money Talks 5:34
02. Girls Like That 4:02
03. Wrong Man 4:55
04. Rapture Of The Deep 5:57
05. Clearly Quite Absurd 5:27
06. Don't Let Go 4:33
07. Back To Back 4:04
08. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 4:19
09. MTV 4:55
10. Junkyard Blues 5:32
11. Before Time Began 6:29

Release Notes:

Eagle Records has set a November 1 U.S. release date for the new DEEP PURPLE
album, "Rapture of the Deep". The band spent five weeks at a Los Angeles studio
earlier this year recording the follow-up to 2003's "Bananas" with producer Mike
Bradford. The album is described by keyboardist Don Airey as "a lot heavier"
than "Bananas". "We recorded it in the same studio that use to be used by KORN,
and it's got a wonderful sound," Airey said. "It's got a real, immediate drum
and organ sound. I was really happy working in there."
"Rapture of the Deep" will be the group's first release since their split with
the EMI label.

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