Del Amitri - Can You Do Me Good? [2002]

Posted By: Crossfire
Del Amitri - Can You Do Me Good? [2002]

1. Just Before You Leave
2. Cash & Prizes
3. Drunk In A Band
4. One More Last Hurrah
5. Buttons On My Clothes
6. Baby It's Me
7. Wash Her Away
8. Last Cheap Shot At The Dream
9. Out Falls The Past
10. She's Passing This Way
11. Jesus Saves

2002 release & sixth album for the Scottish quartet. The followup to their platinum greatest hits collection 'Hatful Of Rain'. Featuring 12 recordings produced variously by Commissioner Gordon (Lauryn Hill), Pete Smith & Kevin Bacon/Jonathan Quarmby.

I don't know of that many Del Amitri fans. That doesn't stop me from being one: they're one of my favourite adult alternative (or whatever you call them) rock bands with a flair for pop hooks that I don't find in a lot of 'hot' contemporary bands. 'Can You Do Me Good'establishes that faith. 'Twisted' was a great record, and the Gibson lines come back with "Cash & Prizes". "Buttons on My Clothes" is another great tune. The lyrical quality of Currie's songs have always been, well, lyrical, for lack of a better word. It's poetry, at its best. "Jesus Saves", for one, "Just Before you Leave", for another. Get hooked.