Delbert McClinton - "Never Been Rocked Enough" - (1992) 320kbs/stereo/mp3/95.0MB

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Delbert McClinton - "Never Been Rocked Enough" - (1992) 320kbs/stereo/mp3/95.0MB

I told everyone I would post this, after Nagiants39 posted "Delbert McClinton's - One of the Fortunate Few" and I try to keep my word..........So here it is, hope you enjoy it!!

Track List:
1. Everytime I Roll The Dice
2. I Used To Worry
3. Miss You Fever
4. Why Me?
5. Have A Little Faith In Me
6. Never Been Rocked Enough
7. Blues As Blues Can Get
8. Can I Change My Mind
9. Cease & Desist
10. Stir It Up
11. Good Man, Good Woman (duet with Bonnie Raitt)

In NEVER BEEN ROCKED ENOUGH, Delbert kicks off the CD with "Everytime I Roll The Dice", a slow grooving toe-tapper that became a Top Ten hit. "I Used To Worry" is a blues testimonial to the inevitability of the world delivered with a sarcastic wink. In "Miss You Fever", Delbert reaches into his vocals bag to hand out a tune in a hoarse and hurting voice echoing with the haunting feeling of sitting on a barstool far too long hurting the way everyone who has loved and lost hurts. Delbert wrote "Why Me?" and the background vocals are by Tom Petty, and the song kicks up the CD's overall tempo, hooking the listener solidly and reeling him or her in. "Have A Little Faith In Me" brings the listener back to earth, chaining him or her to the softer emotions, and Delbert's harmonica work underscores the hope the words offer. Then Delbert kicks the doors open and delivers "Never Been Rocked Enough", a tune that he wrote and that drives directly to the fun-loving rocker that co-exists with this bluesman extraordinaire. "Blues As Blues Can Get" is a soft and easy blues talker that speaks of pain and loneliness. Moving back into an up-tempo beat, Delbert delivers "Can I Change My Mind" but stays with the insecurity and pain of relationships. Sounding a bit like a gospel song, written by Delbert, "Cease and Desist" is a sexy and fun romp. "Stir It Up" is a cover of a Bob Marley song, and Delbert dishes a soulful sound that warms the heart and inspires hope. Singing with blues sensation Bonnie Raitt, Delbert blasts out "Good Man, Good Woman", which earned both singers a Grammy Award, and ends the CD with a solid blues feel and Delbert's haunting harmonica work.

If you have never heard of Dilbert McClinton, this is a GREAT ONE to start your collection with.

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