Denon Audio Technical CD

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Denon Audio Technical CD

Denon Audio Technical CD

This is one of the most comprehensive of any of the test CD's. It can be used for anything from aligning tape head azimuth to speaker frequency range, testing noise levels of either your cd player or amplifier/receiver, etc.

Denon Audio Technical CD

1. Channel (L,R)
2. Balance, Phase (L+R,L-R)
3. Orchestra (Stereo)
4. Concerto (Stereo)
5. Chamber Music (Stereo)
6. Piano (Stereo)
7. Organ (Stereo)
8. Jazz (Stereo)
9. Rock (Stereo)
10. Announcement English (Stereo)
11. Announcement Japanese (Stereo)
12. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-15dB L,R)
13. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-15dB L+R)
14. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-16dB L+R)
15. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-18dB L+R)
16. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-20dB L+R)
17. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-15dB L-R)
18. 1001Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
19. 1001Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
20. 9999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
21. 9999Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
22. 100Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
23. 100Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
24. 19999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
25. 19999Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
26. 21.5Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
27. 21.5Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
28. 1001Hz Sine Wave (0dB L)
29. 1001Hz Sine Wave (0dB R)
30. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-24dB L)
31. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-24dB R)
32. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-60dB L)
33. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-60dB R)
34. Infinity Zero (L+R)
35. Infinity Zero (L+R)
36. 1KHz, 20Hz-20KHz (-20dB L)
37. 1KHz, 20Hz-20KHz (-20dB R)
38. 1KHz, 20Hz-20KHz (-20dB L)
39. 1KHz, 20Hz-20KHz (-20dB R)
40. 250Hz+8020Hz (0dB L)
41. 250Hz+8020Hz (0dB R)
42. 250Hz+8020Hz (-10dB L+R)
43. 11KHz+12KHz (0dB L)
44. 11KHz+12KHz (0dB R)
45. 11KHz+12KHz (-10dB L+R)
46. 40Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
47. 100Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
48. 315Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
49. 1001Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
50. 3149Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
51. 6301Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
52. 9999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
53. 15999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
54. 17999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
55. 19999Hz Sine Wave (0dB L+R)
56. 100Hz Sine Wave (-20dB L+R)
57. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-20dB L+R)
58. 9999Hz Sine Wave (-20dB L+R)
59. 100Hz Sine Wave (-40dB L+R)
60. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-40dB L+R)
61. 9999Hz Sine Wave (-40dB L+R)
62. 100Hz Sine Wave (-60dB L+R)
63. 1001Hz Sine Wave (-60dB L+R)
64. 9999Hz Sine Wave (-60dB L+R)
65. 1KHz,5Hz-22.05KHz (-15dB L+R)
66. 1001Hz,-20dB, -60dB-0dB (L+R)
67. 100Hz, -20dB, -60dB-0dB (L+R)
68. 9999Hz, -20dB, -60dB-0dB (L+R)
69. 401Hz, 0', 0'-360' (0dB)
70. 401Hz, 0', 0'-360' (-20dB)
71. 100Hz Square Wave (-10dB L+R)
72. 1001Hz Tone Burst EIA (0dB L+R)
73. 1001Hz Tone Burst EIAJ (0dB L+R)
74. 401Hz Tone Burst (0dB L+R)
75. 4000Hz Tone Burst (0dB L+R)
76. Impulse I (0dB L+R)
77. Impulse II (0dB L+R)
78. Pulsive Signal 40mS (0dB L+R)
79. White Noise (0dB L+R)
80. 25Hz,31.5Hz,40Hz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
81. 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
82. 100Hz, 125Hz, 160Hz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
83. 200Hz, 250Hz, 315Hz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
84. 400Hz, 500Hz, 630Hz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
85. 800Hz, 1KHz, 1.25KHz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
86. 1.6KHz, 2KHz, 2.5KHz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
87. 3.15KHz, 4KHz, 5KHz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
88. 6.3KHz, 8KHz, 10KHz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
89. 12.5KHz, 16KHz (-20dB/-16dB L/R)
90. Pink Noise (-14dB L+R)
91. 3150Hz Sine Wave (-20dB L+R)
92. FFFF/0000 22.05KHz (ILSB L+R)
93. Orchestra, Piano (-60dB Stereo)
94. Orchestra, Piano (-40dB Stereo)
95. Orchestra, Piano (-20dB Stereo)
96. Orchestra, Piano (Normal Stereo)
97. Music I x4 (Normal Stereo) Listen
98. Music II x4 (Normal Stereo)
99. Music III x4 (Normal Stereo)

Enjoy it!

(You need FEURIO,NERO, Alcohol or EAC to burn image files to music CD; load CUE file):

Download part 1 (100.0 MB)
Download part 2 (20.7 MB)

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As remarked by bitbrain2101:
Attention !! Keep your volume as low as possible when starting playback of this CD ! Sine waves at high frequencies and high volume levels are extremly dangerous for your tweeters !! Specially if the frequency is that high that older people (me too) have the difficulty to hear them and then turn up the volume. I have seen a little cloud of smoke from the tweeter before it stopped working when people, who do not know what they do, are playing around with such kind of CD´s. The power rating of most tweeters for sine waves are below 1 (one) watt, even when the music power rating is 150 watts, believe me.