Depeche Mode - It's No Good (1997)

Posted By: radioKAOS
"It's No Good [Hardfloor Mix]" (6:44)
"Slowblow" (5:27)
"It's No Good [Andrea Parker Mix]" (6:12)
"It's No Good [Motor Bass Mix]" (3:47)

It's No Good is Depeche Mode's thirty-second UK single, released on March 31, 1997 (April 15 in the USA), and the second single for the then upcoming album Ultra.

It's No Good is one of Depeche Mode's danciest songs, especially in comparison with the previous single, Barrel of a Gun. It played well on American radio and MTV, and it's a favorite live. There are a pleathora of remixes for the song.

The B-side is another instrumental, called Slowblow. It is the last actual B-side from the Ultra era, making the album the only one by Depeche Mode to not have a non-remix/non-live vocal B-side track (Although if you exclude non-exclusive songs, Black Celebration can count as well). The instrumental itself is slow and moody, like the name suggests.

The music video for It's No Good is directed by Anton Corbijn, and it is probably one of their funniest videos, featuring some role play as well. An alternate video was recorded for It's No Good in 2001 as a screen projection for the Exciter Tour.