Diego El Cigala - Picasso En Mis Ojos (2005)

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Diego El Cigala - Picasso En Mis Ojos (2005) | MP3 192 Kbps

Diego el Cigala has a clear aim with ‘Picasso en mis ojos’: to lure the audience from ‘Lágrimas negras’ towards flamenco. Following his successful flirtation with the traditional bolero, he offers a fresh, readable flamenco repertoire, arm-in-arm with another more-than-universal name: Picasso. The Málaga-born painter inspires some of the lyrics and titles of the songs, as well as their tone. ‘Guernika’ becomes tangos-tientos. ‘Malagueño’ is a mirabrás. ‘La paloma’, a song referring to the poem by Rafael Alberti, is a fandango.

And through bulerías he expresses on several occasions, perhaps, that flamenco spirit the cantaor affirms the painter used to have. And they are composed and played by the best two contemporary flamenco guitarists. ‘Por los ríos’ is a score in which Paco de Lucía has conducted the voice of the Madrilenian cantaor, offering a concentration of all his musical wisdom and his unequalled flamenco flavor at the same time. ‘Luna de plata’ is, by request of Tomatito himself, a bulería recorded live at the studio; hence it contains the essence of compás, the naturalness of flamenco expression.

Besides the two great sonantas, intervening in the song-making are other personal instrumentalists, with tons of experience behind them: Raimundo Amador, Jerry González, Diego del Morao, Jumitus Tutupa, Ramón el Portugués and the Porrina brothers, including Paquete (who produces the album together with El Cigala).

The clear concessions to the public are the tangos ‘Chanelando’, whose refrain is impossible not to hum; and the rumba ‘Apenao’, impossible not to dance to, an evident concession to Latin American audiences, whose conquest he is going to devote the first presentation tour to. The album has every chance of being a big hit. Above all because Diego el Cigala sings wonderfully, with a sense of music, with maturity, with credibility. Thirty thousand records sold in Spain in the first two weeks; that is, eighth on the national charts, foretelling a new conquest in the internationalization of flamenco.

1 - Chanelando - Pintor (tangos)
2 - or Los Rios - Guitarra (bulerias)
3 - Malagueño - Azul (de Malaga Malagueñito)
4 - Luna De Plata - Gitana (buleria)
5 - La Paloma - Olivo (fandangos)
6 - Guernika - Dolor (utangos - Tientos)
7 - Amparo - Epoca Rosa (buleria)
8 - Apenao - Toro (rumba)
9 - Romance - Mar (sobresaltos De Plata)
10 - Acuarela - Mujer (solea)

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