Djivan Gasparyan - Moon Shines at Night (1993)

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Дживан Гаспарян - один из самых знаменитых армянских музыкантов, живая легенда мировой музыки, виртуоз дудука, древнего армянского музыкального инструмента, сделанного из абрикосового дерева. Ничто другое не в состоянии передать чувства и эмоции армянского народа так, как дудук.

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Djivan Gasparyan (b. 1928, Solag, Armenia) is a famous Armenian musician and composer. He plays the duduk, an Armenian shalmey related to the orchestral oboe.

He has won four world-wide gold Medal UNESCO competitions (1959, 1962, 1973, and 1980). He has the unique distinction of being the only musician to be given the honorary title of People's Artist of Armenia in 1973. A professor at the Yerevan Conservatory, he has instructed and nurtured many performers to professional levels of performance in duduk.

In 2002, he received the WOMEX (World Music Expo) lifetime achievement award.

He has toured the world several times with a small ensemble playing Armenian folk music.

He has collaborated with many artists, such as Lionel Richie, Peter Gabriel, Brian May and Michael Brook.

01_Lovely_Spring.ogg 6,6M
02_Sayat_Nova.ogg 6,7M
03_7th_December_1988.ogg 6,2M
04_Don't_Make_me_Cry.ogg 7,6M
05_You_Have_to_Come_Back_to_Me.ogg 4,5M
06_Tonight.ogg 4,3M
07_They_Took_my_Love_Away.ogg 7,6M
08_Moon_Shines_at_Night.ogg 7,5M
09_Apricot_Tree.ogg 15M
10_Mother_of_Mine.ogg 6,1M


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