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Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory

Posted By: kocas

Dream Theater - Metropolis Part II - Scenes From A Memory
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......Yeah, this is a 5 star release and it shouldn't be any surprise to find mostly great reviews on this cd. This album flows extremely well for a concept album and there are many who consider this DT's best work. It's darn good, put it that way. I've spent many hours listening to this while playing one of my favorite PS2 games Splashdown (the first one) so whenever I listen to this cd now my mind always pictures the game going with it. Wierd I know, but anyway, buy this album and create your own great memories with it. It's an incredible piece of artistic progressive metal!

This is one pf the best albums I have ever listened to. weird, when i read the review above, i realized that i felt the same way.. looking for a zenith? this will undoubtedly satisfy you... a must have for every rock&prog&metal fans out there.