Tayfun Erdem - Dreams and Dances of a Silent Butterfly 2004

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Tayfun Erdem - Dreams and Dances of a Silent Butterfly 2004

Tayfun Erdem: Dreams and Dances of a Silent Butterfly
Sessiz Bir Kelebeğin Rüyaları ve Dansları
- 2004
Turkish Jazz | Modern Classic | 192 Kbps | 88 Mb | 17 Tracks

About Tayfun Erdem
Grew up in Istanbul, a cosmopolitan harbour city with nearly 15 million inhabitants… A pupil of Cemal Reschid Rey ( 1904 -1985) - one of the founders of the 'modern' music in Turkey and himself a pupil of the French composer Gabriel Faure and the piano virtuoso Marguerite Long - in piano.harmony and composition…Simultaneously completing his BA in Economics at the "Bosphorus University" in Istanbul… Later studying composition at the School of Music in Indiana University, Bloomington/USA (1980-82) with the Chilean composer JuanOrrego Salas and counterpoint with Bernhard Heiden… Since '82 living in Berlin as a composer and pianist…Recording albums such as "Ararat The Border Crossing", based upon the novel of Yashar Kemal (including amongst others Okay Temiz, drums and Suleyman Erguner, nayflute) and "Eisen, Kohle & Zucker", a work based on the poems of Nazim Hikmet (including amongst others Otto Sander, recitation and Gebhard Ullmann, soprano sax)… Writing concert reviews in the newspaper "TAZ" and articles in magazines "DieZeir/'Pflosterstrand" and others… Presenting conferences and radio programs about the Westernisation of the traditional music in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey… Concerts in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey…Music for films and theater,.. Since '92. In the process of o new creativity, composing more than 400 pieces with a "new sound" and since '95 more than half of them inspired solely by Margit..

Track list:

1- Mountain Bike

2- Ballad for an imaginary princess

3- Margit Dancing at the Bay of Naples

4- Princess of the Snow

5- Dance of two Flowers - Intermezzo for bass

6- Closing gently her eyes…

7- Margit my angel

8- Margit dreaming at Mount Yucatan Nr.3

9- Desert queen

10- Sorrow in her eyes

11- Eyaleshes of Margit Nr.7

12- Margit at Mount Yucatan Nr.1

13- Dance of two flowers

14- Life - only a moment…

15- Christmas liturgy for a seagull

16- Drinking from the eyes of Margit…

17- Annie’s song


Vocal: Elli Marini, Tayfun Erdem
Bes Telli Contrbass:Renaud-Garcia Fons
Mandolin:Uli Bartel
Accordion:Tobias Morgenstern
Violin:Uli Bartel
Trompet:Eddie Hayes
Percussions:Topo Gioia
Percussions:Andreas Weiser
Percussions:Tobias Morgenstern
Contrbass:Hans Hartmann
Soprano Saxaphone:Gebhard Ullmann
Piano:Tayfun Erdem
Flugel-Horn:Eddie Hayes
Bass Clarinet:Gebhard Ullmann
Violonsel:Matias de Oliveira Pinto

A Few Words About the Music…
Tayfun Erdem

I could probably talk for hours, days or even weeks about all these "journeys" of mine throughout the '90s. which gave birth to the music you hear on this CD… For example about my very crazy and very funny love adventures with a seagull from Coimbra. the old capital of the colonial power Portugal, which suddenly opened my eyes and especially my ears to a completely new, and vast and deeply colourful "tierra nueva": The continent of "Latino Americanos"… And of course I could tell you also about Margit, my angel… A wine queen from Dernau on the banks of the Rhein -an area inhabited since the Roman times by wine producing farmers, very catholic and very modest and about Margit's unbelievable struggle for near ly 14 years against a very severe kind of multiple sclerosis, without ever losing her sense of humour like in one of these great survival stories of the American writer Jack London… But why?.. Why should I tell all these and other stories?.. Because after all these "Journeys", I learned -at least!- one thing:Music is very similar to love!…You don't need to speak about it very much… Just live it -and let it flow over all your body- and then you will know -for sure!- everything you need to know about love (or music !…)

So whilst you listen to this CD, I can only hope that you will enjoy it and that the sounds will have the power to seduce you and take you upon as much as possible and unique journeys of your own like in these wonderful lines of the Greek poet K.Kovafis… Anyway, what more can we expect from a good love (or a good piece of music) except that this encounter has the power to throw us like a rocket out of the routine of our daily life and drive us deep into the fire-seas of purgatory and hell and then -only if we have enough passion!- hurl us upwards to the very top floors of heaven and paradise?,. If we're lucky, our whole life long and if not, okay. then at least for Just some seconds!…

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