Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik/Self Titled (1996)

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Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik/Self Titled (1996)

Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik/Self Titled (1996)
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Sometimes you find the gems, and sometimes they seek you out. This one plopped through the mailbox with a note saying it reminded someone of Talk Talk–at least, that was what they thought. They were wrong; it's much better than that. If you can imagine Nick Drake arranged by The Blue Nile, you'll have a pretty good idea where Duncan's coming from. And while that may not be the most cheerful place in the world–the overwhelming shade of the album seems to be blue–it produces some lovely songs. Sheik has one of those husky, whispery voices that makes emotions almost transparent, and the spare arrangements that frame it are like windows. Sounds airy, I know, but it's true. And since his songs happen to be damn good, the view, thought bleak, is one you can't take your eyes from. While there may never be a new Nick Drake, in Duncan Sheik there might just be a worthy heir.

Track list
1. She Runs Away
2. In The Absence Of Sun
3. Barely Breathing
4. Reasons For Living
5. Days Go By
6. Serena
7. Out Of Order
8. November
9. Home
10. The End Of Outside
11. Little Hands

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