Duo Sonare plays Tubular Bells [1996]

Posted By: loveduck
Duo Sonare plays Tubular Bells [1996]

Duo Sonare plays Tubular Bells

"Duo Sonare seem to have researched the exact guitar phrasing very closely and it shows. I'm sure we have all heard 'covers' of favourite pieces of music and been disappointed by the results - parts 1 and 2 of this album are definitely NOT in that category! Duo Sonare have created a wonderful version. If you are a fan of the first Tubular Bells or its orchestral version then I highly recommend this classical guitar duo version to you. It is very relaxing to listen to. If you are not a fan of the original Tubular Bells or Mike Oldfield I can still commend this music to you. It is wonderful.......and it may just sow the seeds of a an experience that will make you wonder what you have missed all those years since 1973"

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