DUSK - Jim Chappell Solo Piano

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DUSK - Jim Chappell Solo Piano

JC's Dusk album introduced me to solo piano music. Back in the 90's, I never have imagined a piano played with much emotion as JC's Dusk. This is one cd I am keeping for life :) Plug your player into a stereo, dim the lights, watch the sunset..and play the music.

I converted it to mp3 since my cd is on the brink of degeneration from years of use and travel. Hope you like it. HeartSong piece is dedicated to all AvaxHome users.

1. Spirit Prince
2. Gone
3. Venus
4. Stars In The Yard
5. Heartsong
6. Dusk
7. Elfin Territory
8. Arapaho Firelight

Jim Chappell
DUSK - Jim Chappell Solo Piano

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