Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts (2001)

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Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts (2001)

Eivind Aarset - Light Extracts
Jazz | 2001 | MP3 320Kbps¬124 MB | Time 52:05 | Front Cover

The next album, "Light Extracts," had much to live up to, and did not disappoint. Again, ambience and club rhythms were present, but the music was becoming a truly separate organism. Where "Electronique Noire" has tracks that could be individually described in terms of genre(s), "Light Extracts" offered music that could only be described in terms of "Aarset-ness". The album features the bass clarinet of Hans Ulrik, an artist Aarset met when recording with Marilyn Mazur's Future Song; Ulrik's sound would lend the album a whole new dimension, and he has appeared on each release since. Aarset retains melodic elements, and uses sound as poetry or painting, somehow anchoring it in definite imagery rather than the abstract. Of course, many critics visualise a wintering far-northern Nordic landscape, complete with fjords and whalesong; however, the soundscapes could equally represent deserts, jungles or even desolate alien mountains. The music speaks to a universal spirit.


*01.-Empathic Guitar
*02.-Wolf Extract
*03.-Dust Kittens
*04.-The String Thing
*05.-Between Signal & Noise
*06.-Ffwd / Slow Motion
*07.-Self Defence
*08.-Tunnel Church


*Eivind Aarset: guitar, fretless guitar, bass (4)
*Wetle Holte: drums, drum machine
*Marius Reksjø: electric and acoustic basses

*Hans Ulrik: bass clarinet,
*Arve Furset: rhodes, prophet,
*Nils Petter Molvær: trumpet,

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